NuGenesis Nail Dipping System and Nail Colors

NuGenesis dipping powder by the NuGenesis brand is another innovative addition to the nail care and beauty industry. The NuGenesis nails dip powder technology provides you with unique and vibrant colors that will spice up your nails and fit any event or occasion. The NuGenesis nail powder is easy to apply, very fast, and healthy; that’s why most nail technicians love this product. Compared to acrylic and gel, NuGenesis dipping powder is a better nail manicure option. From the stables of NuGenesis nails, you’ll find trendy and fashionable nail and dip powder colors that will give you smooth and classy finishes at mouthwatering prices. As you read on, you’ll learn more about NuGenesis nail colors.

You’ll find these nail dip powders in beauty care stores and salons all over the world. NuGenesis dipping powders are for professional use, and they give optimum results.

Nail dipping system has been in existence for a long while, but it has gained more hype and popularity in recent times with avenues such as social media to propagate it. This widespread popularity is not because it is new. Still, it has many advantages and benefits that distinguish it from other nail care alternatives like acrylic, gel, and the likes. However, this nail coating system stands out from the rest.

What distinguishes Nugenesis Dipping Powder from other alternatives?

NuGenesis dip powder is processed and manufactured organically with a combination of liquids rich in Vitamin E and Calcium. These contents make the nails healthy, durable, and flexible. Also, it makes the shiny appearance of the nails to last longer than other alternatives. NuGenesis dip powder is safe and healthy for the nails: it is odorless, non-toxic, and does not have primers in it. Unlike gel polish, which requires curing using UV or LED lamps, NuGenesis dip powder can be air-dried.

It lasts long on the nails; thus, it encourages healthy growth of nails and its bed. After using NuGenesis nails dip powder, your nails become healthier and look more natural after the products are applied. They contain ingredients that aid in healthy nails; that’s why your nails tend to look natural and stringer.

Another unique feature of NuGenesis nails dip powder is that you don’t have to be a professional to use it. You can try it from the comfort of your home as an amateur, and it’ll yield professional results in the end. All you need are a few simple tips for the application.

  • When you want to apply the base coat, ensure your hands and fingers are filed and cleaned, so all dead cuticles are removed. Also, leftovers of nail coating or painting should be eliminated.
  • Shape the nails and keep them short to any length you want.
  • When your nail surfaces are set, apply NuGenesis prep liquid on all your nails, and air dries it.
  • Next, apply NuGenesis nail base gel on the nail surface and dip your nails into NuGenesis dipping powder.
  • Apply the base gel a second time, then dip into the powder once more. Ensure the powder covers all your nails.
  • Apply the base gel and dipping powder a third time, especially if your nails are soft.
  • Allow the dipping powder to hold your nails firmly and bond together, so you achieve a glossy and shiny finish. Then, apply activator liquid on all the nails and leave to dry for some seconds.
  • For the finishing, buff the nails and wash with water before applying another coat of activator liquid.
  • Finally, apply NuGenesis finish gel on the nails twice and leave for two minutes to dry.

How is NuGenesis dipping powder cleaned?

NuGenesis dipping powder coating can last as long as four weeks on the nails when appropriately applied as they stick to the nails. The NuGenesis dip nails system is easy to remove. You can do this using the regular nail polish remover, acetone or non-acetone base, a foil, and cotton. Wrap soaked cotton around each nail with some foil. Leave for about 10 to 15 minutes to stay. From time to time, check if the coating has gone off totally. Then apply moisturizers on your hand and nails so that your nails get back the moisture they have lost due to the nail polish remover.

Are you still thinking of the NuGenesis dipping powder color to use for that special occasion? Worry no more. You can explore a wide range of Nugenesis dip powder colors. NuGenesis dip nails range from casual colors such as white, red, black, green, to trendy colors like beige, topaz, cream, and the likes.


The wide range of colors available offers you lots of options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors as they always make a statement and are perfect for all seasons and occasions. Get one of these today and step out confidently.