How to Choose a Gift for a Tattoo Artist

The holidays are coming, or maybe it’s a birthday celebration.

Do you know what you’re going to give your tattoo artist?

Admittedly, money is always welcome.

We love gift cards to our favorite places, too.

But if you prefer to wrap up a surprise for your favorite artist to open, we can help you pick the right thing.

Start here if you know next to nothing about tattooing

You don’t have to be knowledgeable about tattooing to choose the perfect gift for a tattoo artist.

We’ve already done the hard work for you. Just click the link above and explore the options.

Or continue reading for more ideas.

Narrow down ideas with this essential tip

I live in a place where family members give each other underwear and socks at Christmas.


These aren’t gag gifts. These are things that people need. These are things that get used a lot, and they wear out. It’s a hassle to buy new ones, so sometimes we wait until they get pretty ragged.

So ask yourself – what does this tattoo artist need?

Most likely, the answers will fall into categories like tattoo ink or disposable equipment for the studio.

A beginner will appreciate things to practice with, while a pro will love a chance to try new products.

Chip in to help them purchase more expensive equipment.

Expand their experience

For example, get them a tattoo machine from one of the best tattoo machine brands.

If they typically work with a coil machine, give them a rotary machine to try.

Or buy them a stick and poke set to practice traditional tattooing.

Perhaps they’ve always wanted to study photography or take a jujitsu class.

Give them the chance to experience new things, and it will be a gift they’ll remember forever.

Make it fun

Tattoo books are a safe bet.  Flash is fun to look at.

But did you know that there are tattoo coloring books? For many people, this is a stress-relieving activity.

Make sure they have everything they need by including a nice set of colored pencils or markers.

Speaking of stress relief, some artists would prefer to not do art in their spare time. It helps to have a hobby to avoid burnout.

Therefore, consider giving them tickets to the cinema or a comedy club.

Get them a new game to play or sign them up for a subscription service that sends samples to try.

Better yet, send them to the spa for a day.

After all, being a tattoo artist is hard on the body.

Help them relax

Provide the artist with what they need to relax and they will be grateful.

Pretty much everyone loves a good massage. If it’s not a gift certificate to the spa, perhaps a handheld massager will do the trick.

Candles, scented bath or personal care products, essential oils, and so on can make the day end on a peaceful note.

Artist friends of mine appreciate craft beers from microbreweries, too.

Gift ideas for those on a budget

If your budget’s tight, consider these options.

There are tattoo-themed hoodies, T-shirts, and coffee mugs that will bring a smile to the artist’s face.

A tattoo aftercare kit is surprisingly inexpensive as well.

Present them with a photograph of the work they did for you. Include a note describing what you love about it.

Put together a gift basket of healthy treats for them to snack on at work.

Or give them a gift certificate to a local coffee shop.

You’ll please them when you show appreciation and support for them and their work.


It’s hard work to be a tattoo artist. It requires a lot of practice and patience.

It’s not just mastery of the art and techniques. It’s also working with a living canvas and creating masterpieces to last a lifetime.

We appreciate the fact that you want to give back to an artist something that reflects the skill and love they’ve shown to you. We hope that you found exactly what you wanted.