Get Even Tan by Following These Small Steps

Obtaining the beautiful suntan can be a little hazardous for pale skin or fair skin people. Most of them are sensitive to sun exposure and may burn themselves when they are sitting under the harsh sunlight for a long period.

Not just the burning sensation is awful; it makes the skin red as well. Because their skin has less melanin present in their skin, they are more susceptible to harmful UVB and UVB of sunrays, resulting in more receptive to skin cancer because of sun exposure.

Although because of their skin condition and color, it may be a little bit difficult to get the smooth suntanned glow, it is possible if you take care of these simple things.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some small things that you can keep in mind beforehand so that your skin doesn’t end up burning or you don’t harm your skin in any way in the process.

Moisturized Skin Is Important

Whenever you are going for a tanning session, whether under the sun or tanning bed, don’t forget to get your moisturized.

Tanning bed lotions for fair skin is the best option if you are going for an indoor tanning session. Always remember, no matter wherever you are going, if your skin is dry, then not only will your skin end up burning soon, but tan will also be uneven for sure.

A tanning lotion will not only help you to reduce the time of your overall tanning session, but it will help the tan to look smooth.

Every tanning lotion has moisturizing properties, which will help the skin to look smooth not only from the outside but will hydrate the skin as well.


Before any tanning session, whether outdoor or indoor, apply a generous amount of sunscreen always. Sunscreen should be applied 10-15 minutes before applying any tanning lotion according to the product or company.

You should give time to the sunscreen to soak into your skin first. In that way, all your exposed body parts will be protected from harmful UVB and UVA evenly, and it will not get mixed up with the tanning lotion.

Also, take the sunscreen with yourself always, specifically if it’s going to be a long session. A sunscreen may wear off after roughly 2-4 hours, depending on the product. Therefore, after a certain time, it will not be protecting you.

Sometimes you can go for a swim or sweat a lot, in that case also the sunscreen will just wash away. Even if it is a waterproof sunscreen, take it with you, and reapplying is important.

Know The Time

If it’s possible, try to avoid the time when the sun rays are the harshest on our skin, i.e., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The morning sunrays are the most gentle for your skin. You can even opt for an indoor tanning session safely if your skin is highly sensitive.

Don’t Go Harsh with Scrubbing

After the tanning is done, don’t use any kind of scrubber or exfoliator on your skin. Your skin needs healing at that time; if you scrub your skin, then it will not only make your skin more sensitive, it may cause the tanning to be uneven as well, as a result.

Some Tips to Follow

For the shiny glow, use tanning oil for fair skin whenever you want, which will not only help you tan faster but will give that extra shine.

You may want to show your tan more prominently if that’s the case, wear white or any light color clothes.


Whether you are going for an indoor tanning session or an outdoor one, don’t forget to take a hat and sunglasses for your scalp and eyes.