How to Create Flawless Makeup Look on Pale Skin

We may see people doing makeup flawlessly on Instagram or any other social media site and get inspired by it. But just getting inspired is not enough to create the look of your choice.

Learning the art of makeup can be hard, specifically if you have pale skin, but it’s not impossible or not too hard if you are willing to do so. First, we need to understand the necessary basic things that we need and their uses.

Prepping Your Skin

No matter how good of a makeup artist you are, you need to have a flawless canvas to start with. Here your skin is the canvas you will work with, so if your skin condition is good, the overall look will enhance as well.

To get your skin to that position, all you need to do is get rid of textures on your skin that may make your face look cakey after makeup. For that, you simply need to do scrubbing twice a week, or according to your skin type. If your face has too much hair or peach fuss, you can get rid of them for a smooth look. After all these, the most important thing is moisturizing.

Every time before doing makeup, don’t forget to moisturize your skin as it will not only give you a glowing look but also help your skin as well. Try to select a moisturizer with added SPF in it, as pale skin tends to burn.


If you are a beginner, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself by using too many brushes. You can use a foundation makeup brush for blending your foundation, one powder brush, and an eyeshadow brush. With time you will get to know about the other brushes and learn about them as well. You have fan brushes for applying highlighter; for contouring and bronzing, there are different kinds of brushes.


If you are going for a diva at the party look or you want to create a no-makeup makeup look, primer is the first thing that you should apply as the first step of creating a makeup look.

Primer forms a barrier between your skin and makeup, protecting your skin from long exposure to chemical-based makeup products. Not only that, when you apply primer, all other makeup products glide on your skin well, giving you a satisfying look.


I think by now, we already know that foundation is the base of every makeup look. Even if you don’t want to create anything iconic but still want to achieve a good look overall, you can just apply foundation, lipstick and will be good to go.

Pale-skinned people may struggle to find the right shade but check for your undertone as well. You may belong to a warm, cool or neutral undertone. So even if you have pale skin, just any light tone of a foundation will not work for you.

One more thing is the finish; some foundations may give a little glowy look, some shimmery likewise, some may provide a matte finish, so choose according to your requirements.


If you have an undereye dark circle, puffiness, uneven skin tone, it may pop up more on pale skin. You can research the top drugstore concealers to get the best option for the easiest solution to hide all the unwanted marks. Most of the people who have light skin tone may have freckles as well. By using concealer, you can hide them.


After the makeup, always set it using powder; otherwise, the makeup will sit on the lines of your skin and make you look bad instead of the opposite.


As someone who has a pale skin tone, don’t go overboard with makeup. Too much contouring, bronzing, and, if not used, of the right shade can pop up on your skin. Use sunscreen always, as your skin is more sensitive than others.