Seven Enchanting DND Nail Polish Colors to Wear to the University

Would you wear nail polish to your college? Yes. The answer should be “Why not” Of course, students can wear nail polish and look gorgeous. Besides, university students love to dress up the best. You always see them wearing the latest designer garments. So, they should wear the latest gel polish on their nails. Let us discuss seven gorgeous colors that every college girl should dream of wearing to college.

Best DND Nail Polish Colors to Wear to the University

The Magnificent Red

Who does not love to have the gleaming red paint on their nails? Red signifies love, and there cannot be better ambassadors of love than college students. The shining red looks beautiful on their slender fingers and enhances their beauty by several notches. Red is ideal because it suits almost everyone, regardless of skin color. Almost all dresses suit the red shades. You can always change the shade according to your clothing. Besides, red daisy DND gel polish is available in an exciting range of hues, each of which can set hearts aflutter. So, if there is any color that college students can blindly choose for their manicures, it is red.

The Enticing Pink

If there is any color that can match red with its sensuality, it is pink. This gel polish color is available in multiple options ranging from the lightest peach shades to the darkest rouge. Every pink shade is beauty personified and suits almost every skin tone. So, a fair-skinned college student would look equally mesmerizing as her tanned friend. Secondly, pink exudes a sensual appeal and looks bewitchingly beautiful if you match it with your perfect attire. The best aspect of pink is that it suits all garments, from the wedding gown to the Jeans that students usually wear. So, if you are searching for your Valentine in your college, pink is the shade.

The Velvety Violets

Can anyone say they do not love the violet color? It is the most beautiful color and occupies the prime place in the rainbow. Violet signifies beauty all the way. Besides, violet comes in multiple shades and hues like purple, lavender, lilac, and many more. The most exciting aspect of violet is that each of its shades reminds us of one flower or the other. So, if you plan to have floral designs on your nails, violet should be an integral part. Students love violet because it allows them to express their feelings through nail art patterns and floral designs.

The Blushing Blues

Who blushes more than college girls? The answer is ‘No one.’ So, the Blushing Blues should be the perfect gel polish color to adorn their nails. Blue comes in multiple variants starting from sky blue to navy blue. Each blue shade brings its magic with it and makes you look stunningly beautiful whichever shade you wear. Also, college students love wearing blue denim. So, blue is the perfect matching color for denim, especially if they wear a blue T-shirt. So, it is time to wear blues, stop blushing away, and show your confidence.

The Breathtaking Greens

Green is another beautiful color that youngsters love. The best aspect of young college students is that they are not afraid to experiment. The green color provides the best chance to experiment, with DND nail polish offering a massive choice of color shades. College students love to go on excursions to the mountains, where you can find greenery. Therefore, green should be a perfect color on their nail to gel with nature. Green does have the capacity to take your breath away with its mesmerizing shades on display.

The Bewitching Browns

Brown is an underrated color because many people prefer dark reds and blacks. But brown has always fascinated people because of the mysterious feel it brings to your nails. Brown has various shades ranging from the light brownish cream to the darkest maroons. The best part of brown is that it is the perfect neutral color and suits almost every skin tone, from the fair-skinned to the most tanned. You have a matching brown shade for every skin tone. So, college students should not ignore the browns because they can mesmerize people.

Black is Always Beautiful

Nowadays, many people prefer black on their nails because of the glossy feel it delivers. It is one of the most beautiful colors because every color finally merges into it. Secondly, black matches all attire and looks stunning every time you wear it. So, if you want to be different and make a forceful fashion statement, black is the best choice. College students love to spring surprises. So, you can expect black to be the next trend in the future.

Final Thoughts

College students are the best ambassadors of nail products because they are quick to pick the trends and not afraid to try new ideas. Therefore, there is an air of mystique whenever you have a college-going girl in the house. These seven shades should be perfect for college students to set the university on fire.