DND DC Duo Swatch Review

Daisy Nail Design is renowned for its efforts to produce world-class nail polishes that everyone fancies. Every manicure enthusiast can use DND nail polishes because they promise quality and provide unique, luxurious looks and safety to the nails. The DND DC gel nail polish, on the other hand, is nothing short of mesmerizing. The gel’s quality, the strength it provides to the nails, and the resultant look are out of this world. DND DC duos involve a matching set of gel polish and regular polish with 36 colors from #254 to #289. If you have never come across the DND DC duo swatch, this is your opportunity to learn about one of the best gels in the market.

Best DND DC Duo

254-Forest Green

If you want to go vegetative, this gel color can transform your look. It is a bright medium green polish that gives you a chic forest green look. It is formulated in such a way that it is a tad thick and has a plastic-y finish. However, it becomes opaque in only two coats. The Seche Viche top coat or the #900 DC No Cleanse Top Coat can go well with this forest green polish.

255-Chasing Summer

Another top DND DC gel is the Chasing Summer that looks great on every occasion. It is a bright turquoise gel that leans green. Working with this polish is easy because of its thin formulation. It becomes opaque in only two coats and has a plastic-y finish. When done, apply the #900 DC NO Cleanser Top Coat or the Sache Vite topcoat, and you will be good to go.

256-Walk on Water

This bright light to medium blue DND DC polish might be what you have been looking for. The consistency of the regular nail polish was like that of the #255. It also had a plastic-y finish; thus, working with it is okay even though it needs three coats to become opaque. However, the walk on water is thin in 2 coats, and the #900 DC No Cleanser Top Coat is its perfect finish.

257-Mermaid Blue

This turquoise leans blue. The regular polish formulation looks similar to #254, but its finish is plastic-y, just like the other colors, and it is also a tad thick. Furthermore, the regular polish takes three coats, with the fourth made up of Seche Vite topcoat. However, the gel only takes two coats, and a third one is made from #900 DC No Cleanser To Coat.

258-Shine Bright

Shine Bright is a green hinted bright highlighter yellow. The regular polish thickness is similar to that of #254, and the formula might be hard to master. Also, it takes five coats, including one for the Seche Vite topcoat finish. However, you can add a white base coat that will allow you to use only two coats of shine bright to reduce the number of coats. Nonetheless, the gel formulation is easy to use even though it takes three coats plus a #900 DC Top Coat coat to become opaque. You can also use a white base coat and two yellow gel formula coats plus a topcoat.

260-Electric Purple

This is one of the gorgeous polishes in the market with a neon purple look. The regular nail polish formulation is easy to work with as it needs only two coats plus a Sache Vite Topcoat. Conversely, the electric purple gel is a smooth polish that requires only two coats and a third coat of #900 DC Cleanse Top Coat.

274-Zesty Vibes

This is a super bright orange that gives every manicure lover something to smile about. Its y finish is plastic, and it also looks similar to #255 gel. The Sache Vite topcoat and other two coats of the regular polish are needed. The smooth gel formula must be applied in 2 coats plus an extra coat of #900 DC Top Coat.

277-Fluorescent Pink

The polish is a medium fluorescent magenta pink that that provides manicure lovers with the look they desire. It might be hard to capture how neon or bright the color is, but it looks great on the nails. It has a plastic-y finish, and the regular nail polish formula looks similar to the #255 polish. It only takes two coats of the formula to create an opaque coating. Furthermore, two coats are needed to make the gel formula opaque, plus a single coat of the #90 DC No Cleanse Top Coat. Other DND DC Duo Swatch polishes include the 279-Coral Bells and the 281-Pink Stain.


A lot is going on in the manicure industry, and DND nail polish ensures that its customers remain satisfied. It has been in the frontline in the production of some of the best quality and safe to use products. Its gels have been a top notch, and you can try one of the DND DC Duo Swatch gels described above for the best results.